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The new IB Power Tower System

The new IB Power Tower System


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The new IB Power Tower System

The IB Power Tower System allows to each fisherman to combine his personal « IB Power Tower » with exactly those products he needs for his fishing session.

Easy to handle, easy to use:
– Hold several boxes at a time in one hand. The IB Power Tower is composed of related boxes with a thread on each side!
– To achieve a product it is sufficient to simply turn the „IB Power Tower“ at the right place. The superior box always is at the same time the cover of the lower one.
– Many different products can be cleared up very easily by this way and are stored neatly in your fishing shelf, your bag etc.
– Your products are always well organised, no matter where you are: in your basement, tent, boat etc. The IB Power Tower Boxes are also perfectly appropriate to put away your rigs, swivel, leader material and CO., which can be handled with the IB Power Tower easily and practically.
– Do not forget the coffee, tea, soup powder, sugar, salt etc. The Power Tower Boxes are also designated for human food.
– The opaque transparency reduces the solar radiation, but permits also the visibility of the products so you can recognize the content easily.
– We wish to everybody to enjoy finding his proper way to use the IB Power Tower in the optimal way.

Products in the boxes of the IB Power Tower System:
IB Carptrack Half’n Half Hookbaits (all sorts – 16 and 20 mm) = 9,50 € / 75 g
IB Carptrack Flying Hookbaits (all sorts – 16 and 20 mm) = 7,90 € / 65 g
IB Carptrack V-Pops (all colours – 16 and 20 mm) = 7,90 € / 60 g

Available in the Imperial Fishing Onlineshop or at your IB Dealer:

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