WOW, that was a crazy weekend – thank you very much!

Admittedly, it was an extremely tempting offer!
But none of us would have believed that it would turn out like this.

Thank you very much for your trust!

We have already sent hundreds of parcels and will continue to send the parcels with 2 DPD vehicles today.

The following also applies:

  • from 49 € shopping cart & free immediate delivery to all countries (expess, very fast).
  • In the event that it didn’t work out for someone, we apologize. A little attention is always included.
  • Further optimizations in filling lines, package organization etc. should further increase the shipping speed . A No-Fault-Area should reduce packing errors to an absolute minimum. Unfortunately, there are no ZERO errors, not even with us. But we try.

More news about the company regarding boilies, boats, solar tackle and Carp R Us coming soon.

Tight lines,
max nollert & amp; team

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