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New: Carptrack Pocket Power Powders

New: Carptrack Pocket Power Powders


What are Carptrack Power Powders?

The Power Powders are used with only 1g / kg in base mixes, Stickmix or for any outside application from the outside on boilies, pellets or particles.
They are very powerful and a 25g tin is sufficient for 25kg of carp feed.
Give your carp baits that certain extra-fragrance and flavor with minimal dosage of IB Carptrack Power Powders.

Power Powder are used in the IB Carptrack Boilierange as follows:
Right from the start we use with a dose of only 0.075% the Osmotic Spice Power Powder in Osmotic Spice Mix, just like the Strawberry Powder Power in the Elite Strawberry mix etc..
I am sure you know about the strong smell and taste as well as the pulling power on carp!

The Pocket Power Powders should be in every Bait Bag and will fit even in your pocket!

Buy now – Carptrack Pocket Power Powders 25g = 6,50 €
Please find it with your IB Dealer

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