Imperial Baits Carptrack Liquid-Powder Paste – ready to fish!

The time has come:
the as extremely catchy known Carptrack Liquid-Powder paste is from now on available ready from the can.


So far for all the fans it has been a rather tedious and sticky endeavor to produce the paste with the Carptrack additives „Liquid“ and „Powder“ in the ratio 30/70 on the water itself.
Now Max Nollert and his team have found a way to accomplish the manufacturing process in larger quantities and thus to make the paste as a finished product available to all anglers.

Max Nollert: „As a carp angler there is a life before and after the first time with Liquid Powder Paste! Test the paste now and your fishing day will no longer be the same!“

Easy to use at 15-25 degrees
1. take a piece of the paste (same size as boilie)
2. roll it quickly in your hands – it becomes softer
3. press it flat and round, put the bait on top

4. coate the bait with paste and roll it in your hands


6. put it on your boiliehair and get the big one out!

180g IB Carptrack Liquid-Powder Paste = 10,90 €
Produced of: 130g CT Powder, 50ml CT Liquid


Check also our expo offer for the Liquid-Powder Paste!13Messeangebote2015

In this video Max Nollert demonstrate how to use the paste

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