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„Carp Total!“ the new BOILIE-DIMENSION – OUT NOW!

„Carp Total!“ the new BOILIE-DIMENSION – OUT NOW!


„Carp Total!“ the new BOILIE-DIMENSION – OUT NOW!

On occasion of the 10th anniversary of Imperial Fishing, Max Nollert and Julian Jurkewitz created a completely new boilie dimension!
The new Boilie “Carp Total” was not born in 9 months, but in ten full years!
In absolute calm we developed the 10th Carptrack Boilie that will soon be on everybody´s lips- on those of the carp fishers such as on those of carp!

The entire IB Carptrack Boilie Power in one ball!

Altogether the new boilie contains 61 ingredients- 44 of them are dry and 17 are liquid!
This is to the best of our knowledge unique on the Boilie market!


The Carptrack „Carp Total!“ consists of a blend (mixture) of all nine Carptrack Boiliemixes in exactly equal parts. 44 different, highly attractive, intense and sometimes very water-soluble formulation components form a bait mixture of superlatives!
Consisting of Carptrack Additives such as Liquid, Powder, inP, inL, Liquid Amino, GLM
– fullfat, NHDC – the original and the famous Power Powders, the „Carp Total!“ Boilie includes every single component, which bring us and thousands of customers for over 10 years enormous fishing success.
The boilie is rounded with all 17 different Carptrack Flavours, essential oils and liquids that form a unique and unprecedented odour and flavour composition – Carptrack in Concert!

His taste and odour is indescribable!
„Carp Total!“ THE carp bait with the most attractors- and the strongest attraction.

Good luck, max nollert & team

Available at chosen distributors and in the Imperial Fishing Online Shop:

Price „Carp Total!“ Boilie:
2 kg = 28,90 €
5 kg = 69,90 €
8 kg in iBox = 114,90 €

Price „Carp Total!“ Dip & Gel:
150 ml Amino Dip (42 ingredients!) = 12,90 €
100 g Amino Gel (39 ingredients!) = 12,90 €

Price „Carp Total!“ Pop Ups:
100 g Flying Hookbaits (61 ingredients + Pop Up ingredients) = 10,90 €
100 g Half’n Half (61 ingredients + Pop Up ingredients) = 11,90 €

carp total the new bait

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