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Fish Hawk GTM – Temperature and Depth Meter

Fish Hawk GTM – Temperature and Depth Meter


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IN STOCK – including 2 kg IB Carptrack Boilies!
Price: 159,95 Euro

For years the GTM 40 T+ most sought-after utensil of successful carp-fisher, but then suddenly it was not on the market anymore! At the water and in forums there were many discutions about how it could be, such a sought-after product could not be available anymore, as it increased so much the chances to catch. But now finally the new and improved version of the „Fish Hawk GTM“ is available!

Our introduction offer:
For the introduction we offer you 2 kg IB Carptrack Boilies as a present (Please indicate at the end of the order in the remark field what sort and size you wish to recieve)!

Immediately available – including 2 kg IB Carptrack Boilies!

The big benefit: find the thermocline in the wink of an eye!
The underwater temperature is often the secret to success. In each season the observance of the temperature changes, even very small ones, is crucial. The Fish Hawk GTM allows the fisherman to recognize virtually, exatly and rapidly, what are the temperatures at each meter depth at your Hot Spot. By this way he gives you the double of information than the very sought-after GTM 40 T+  that mesured only all two meters.

Before the new Fish Hawk was released, all successful fisher swear by the GTM 40 T+!
The poccession of such a tool was so important that no one who ever bought one ever sold it again and due to this the prices of secondhand models were even higher than for new ones.

Reference point: In springtime fish just above it, as the vegetation is developed much more due to the high temperatures. In summertime (when it is very hot) fish just underneath it, as colder water contains more Oxygen.

Carp-fisher have waited for years for the new Fish Hawk GTM gewartet!
Now it is again the company Sänger that comes up with the brand new and improved model, the Fish Hawk GTM. The batteries last  7-10 years (5 are garantied), the employement is self-explaining, extremely easy.

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Press handout:

Forum articles:

Max Nollert: „Rome was not built in a day! 🙂
Seriously, to call it a milestone in the carp fishing would be exagerated, but it is you who will decide during your future fishing sessions, what benefits the Fish Hawk GTM brings you in your carp fishing and your successes.“

Our contest

Send your success with the Fish Hawk GTM to (Picture and Story):
By your Submission you permit us to publish your successes on the Internet. The GTM has to be visible on the fishing pictures.

1. Prize

– 10 kg Uncle Bait „The Boilie“ including 2 x 30 g Uncle Bait „The Amino Gel“
– 50 ml Uncle Bait „The Amino Dip“
– 40 g Uncle Bait „The Pop Up“

2. Prize
– 5 kg Uncle Bait „The Boilie“ including 1 x 30 g Uncle Bait „The Amino Gel“
– 50 ml Uncle Bait „The Amino Dip“
– 40 g Uncle Bait „The Pop Up“

3. Prize
– 2 kg Uncle Bait „The Boilie“ including 1 x 30 g Uncle Bait „The Amino Gel“
– 50 ml Uncle Bait „The Amino Dip“
– 40 g Uncle Bait „The Pop Up“

• Mesuring units Celcius/Meter changeable in Fahrenheit/Foot
• Depth: 0 – 90 m / 0 – 300 ft
• Temperatures: 0 – 38,9° C / 32 – 102° F
• Mesuring steps: 1 m / 5 ft
• 100 % solid and waterproof casing
• Weight: ca. 80 g – for optimal throwing
• Garantied battery durability: min. 5 years
• Easiest employment and presice display of temperature and depth
• Adjustable in saltwater and fresh water

1. Affix the tool at the fishing rod or at the cable of the Downriggers (at the Downrigger a supplement weight of 150g can be attached to bring the tool faster to the ground)
2. Press the start-button.
3. Wait for 3 sec. until „Ready“ appears on the display and then throw the tool at the chosen point.
4. After the tool has reached the ground/ the point you chose, wait 5 sec. and reel it.
5. Press on „View“ to read the results.
6. The tool deactivates automatically after 45 sec.

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