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Extra Sharp Hooks!

Extra Sharp Hooks!


Extra Sharp Hooks!

That is the promise from Imperial fishing with the introduction of Pinpoint-Hooks from Marc Voosen

left: a new hook fresh from the package (no matter which company)
right: a hook sharpened with the Pinpoint-Hooks sharpening tools
Hakenspitzen unter dem Mikroskop

Fact is:
Hooks from the package feel sharp when tested on the meaty part of the hand (never test hooks on the fingernail)! But if you look at that same hook under a microscope or a magnifying glass you will see that the hook point image when enlarged is actually pretty dull.

You will be amazed how much better a sharpened hook performs!
A hook sharpened using the tools from Pin-Point Hooks simply hooks more aggressively and reliably in the mouth of the fish. Even when you are tying your rigs the hook sticks in the skin with the slightest of contacts. There is a little bit of practice that goes into getting good at sharpening hooks – don’t give up too soon!

Hook sharpening can be learned with the help of this video:

The complete tool set – at attractive pricing:
In addition to the individual tools which can be found at Imperial Fishing there is also the complete set which includes all the tools in a perfectly suited hard case.

Price: 49,90 Euro click here and go to the onlineshop

– 1 x Hardcase
– 1 x Hook holding device
– 1 x Diamond File
– 1 x LED-Magnifying glass
– 2 x Stone File

Additional Tools:
There is a special marker which can be used to color the shiny sharpened hook point with green, brown, or black. Hook oil which can be used to treat the sharpened hook point so that there is not an issue with rust, and a selection of finer diamond files. All these items as well as those which are found in the complete set can be purchased individually at https://www.imperial-fishing.com

Hook & Endgame Marker – click here

Hook Grease – Pinpoint-Hooks – click here

Diamond File (fine) – Pinpoint-Hooks – click here

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