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Catch Reports from IB Teammembers – 28.07.2014

Catch Reports from IB Teammembers – 28.07.2014


IB Lady Claudia Darga
In the high North of Germany IB lady Claudia Darga is fishing in the big natural lakes and often experiences real adventures. It was not long ago, that she came back from another session at one of these breathtaking lakes. In her suitcase she had some beautiful pictures of wild and never been caught before carp. Claudia works with very little food; she searches for the carp and fishes them with highly attractive and natural baits. She counts on the moistening of the boilies with Imperial Baits Carptrack Liquid, Powder, inP and inL. A few grams GLM-fullfat should not be missing to spread the maximum of natural aromas and amino acids at the spot. Especially in springtime carp are easy and fast to detect in the shallow water areas. Claudia already looks forwards to her new fishing adventure in the high North!

Claudia Darga 2

Claudia Darga 3

Claudia Darga

IB Team Germany Julian Jurkewitz
A short session in a quarry pond with high fishing pressure in the North of France with up about 20 hectares water-surface, brought this sturdy carp of more than 20kilos to Julian Jurkewitz. As the fishing pressure is very high the whole year through and the fishes know every trick in the book, Julian fishes the cautious and shy carp with single ground baits, without Pop up, Dip etc., because the fishes know all this well enough. A simply bound rig, 30cm long, braided, Carp`R`Us Centurion 2000 hook size 4, green Carp`R`Us Mouthsnagger and a single Uncle Bait “The Boilie”, this is sufficient to dupe big and careful fishes.

Julian Jurkewitz

IB Team Germany Tobias Seeber
After a session lasting several days, Tobias Seeger did not only overtrump his personal best during the last day, but also the water-body record with an already known fish that cracked for the first time the 25kilo mark. He was fishing an old and big gravel quarry in Western Germany and fed three days before a big spot, perhaps the size of a tennis court. For that he used IB Carptrack Boilies, that he moistened with Carptrack Liquid, Powder, inP and inL to make them even more attractive. The spot brought him plenty of fishes, among them the three heaviest carp of the lake. An incredible session!

Tobias Seeber

IB Team Germany Werner Mörs
Werner Mörs was again very successful at a German park lake nearby the river Rhine. He pre-fed little but constantly, daily different spots with Imperial Baits Carptrack Boilies. His favourite is the Elite Strawberry Boilie. The lake is shallow and gets warm very fast in the sunshine. Werner prefers the areas that are the shallowest and prepares his traps at these places such as underneath beetle bushes or jetties. A handful of boilies per rod is sufficient to catch, among many others, this exceptional fish of more than 20kilos.

Werner Mörs

IB Team Hungary Zsolt Bundik
Extrem fisherman and Imperial Bait team member Zsolt Bundik from Hungary loves the adventure at the huge water-bodies in Europe. Not long ago he fished the giant Lac Du Der in the North of France. This lake with more than 4800 hectares water-surface is a challenge! In springtime many carp are staying in the old part of the lake. There huge meadows and tree-covered areas are flooded. A real cockaigne for carp, but caution, these areas are full of dangers of getting caught. Due to the size it is not easy to find the carp and to catch them. After some days of fishing under unfavourable circumstances Zsolt attained to catch one of the scale carp of the Der lake with Imperial Baits Carptrack Boilies.

Zsolt Bundik

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