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First Session of April 2014 – by IB Lady Elena Antoniucci

First Session of April 2014 – by IB Lady Elena Antoniucci


First Session of April 2014

by IB Lady Elena Antoniucci

My first session of April takes place on the big lake of Bolsena, one of my favorites but also one of the most difficult waters, where the catch of carp depends on the wind blowing in the area. Before I left for the session I control with my boyfriend Alexander the conditions. We would have southny wind and sun, so we decided to draw on a field with shallow water where the wind blew directly in our faces. We hoped that the temperature of the water on our spot is high enough to have the natural carp food on our shore.

I decide to take the baits which I made with the IB Carptrack Elite Strawberry Mix mixed with 10% of the new Carptrack Add Fat.

The aromatic base consists of Elite Strawberry Flavour, NHDC – The Original and Carptrack Banana Power Powder.

The Bolsena carp love this combination and it gives me always satisfaction!

As I said before we seen the rise of the temperature and I placed my rods in the near by the weed in 5 meters deep. I had the hope that the small crustaceans, that live there, will wake up and call the carp into my area. Evening comes and my boyfriend Alessandro paied me a nice Pizza for a lost bet the day before. The night goes quiet, as announced at 4 O’clock a gentle warm wind from the south starts to blow. I hoped it bring some fish!

The morning alarm clock at eight o’clock when the rod near the weed emits a few beeps. I look at the tip and I see it flexing, so I do not waste time and we get into the boat to meet the fish!
The combat was still funny with my Imperial Baits Legend Carp and we finally we got the carp into the net.

A big victory for me!

Unfortunately during the day the wind changed and for the following 24 hours it was quiet.
The adventure continues soon… 🙂

My rod the Imperial Baits Legend Carp

Imperial Baits & Carp’R’Us – together we are even stronger!

I love the CRU Stuff!

We use the Carp’R’Us Snag Clip System to lose the heavy leads during the fight with a carp!

My pimped tacklebox with some IB stickers – love it!

Imperial Baits Ladies Team
Elena Antoniucci

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