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Catch Reports 27.08.2014

Catch Reports 27.08.2014


Tobias Seeber – IB Team Germany
Tobias Seeber was fishing at a large bathing lake that solicited to place the rigs directly at the beach. Here sediments are swirled up during the day by bathers and during the night the fishes are coming to plough up the area. The new IB Carptrack “Carp Total!” Boilie brought the success. In 3m depth he placed a Half´n Half Hook bait. He balanced this hook bait perfectly, so that it laid down slowly on the herbs at the ground. His seducing green V-Pop side teased the big and heavy scale carp and enticed it to bite.

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Tobias Seeber

Brad Smudzinski – IB Team Germany / USA
Brad had a rough night losing several carp while fishing at great distance on the edge of the weed beds. At 05:00 he awoke to the scream of the bite alarm and was out of the bivy and on the rod lightning quick. After a few seconds of hard contact the fish was lost. Feeling dreadful at the loss and beat down tired, he contemplated heading back to the warm bedchair. After a quick shot of IB Energy Drink he found his motivation and went through the process of re-rigging and running the rod out. An hour later his efforts were rewarded with a take on this very rod. This time the carp came away from the weed bed and the drill took to open water and was netted only after Brad was drug about the lake in his iBOAT 160 from one side to the other by the powerful fish. The ready rigs from Carp’R’Us have proven their strength time and time again. The „Carp Total!“ 20mm Boilie covered in Carptrack ready Paste was the bringer. Sometimes it pays off to dig deep and find that last bit of motivation. This time the strong fighting 12.5 kilo common was the reward.

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Brad Smudzinski

Claudia Darga – IB Ladies Team
During a prolonged weekend IB lady Claudia Darga could catch her first 20kg carp and raise her new Personal Best. The catch was no coincidence, as Claudia chose a 40ha low stock natural lake in Schleswig-Holstein that harbours only very few fishes. But there are several fishes of more than 20kg therein which is very unusual in the northern part of Germany. Under the worst conditions at 35°C outdoor temperature and 25°C water temperature the challenge was huge to catch a bull. Claudia´s mantra: quality instead of quantity! So she decided to use just 200g of Carptrack Monster´s Paradise Boilies per rod. The absolute success factor were the attractors inL and inP such as the Carptrack Powder and Liquid. Already two days before the Boilies were prepared with these attractors and could develop their seductive attraction force in the water. This tactic was effective and Claudia could catch a great fish that she had trouble to get out of the water!

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Claudia Darga 1

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Claudia Darga 2

Luka Blazic – IB Team Slovenia
This distinctive mirror carp was one of the 35 fishes caught during Luka Blazic´s first longer session this year. During the day it was very hot, but during the night there were violent rain storms and the temperature cooled down noticeably. Due to this the activity reduced a lot. Nevertheless this fish bit during the sweltering heat at noon (30°C) in just 50cm water depth. Luka presented his rig with an IB Carptrack Half´n Half Fish directly in front of the opposite shore. The savaged seaside was a real Hot Spot!

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Luka Blazic

Patrick Scupin – IB Team Germany
During an ultra-short session of just three hours, Patrick Scupin could record a run on each of his rods. He fished a little quarry pond nearby the city Speyer. The first fish was a flawless scale carp of an average weight, afterwards he caught this beautiful mirror carp with a single 20mm IB Carptrack “Carp Total!” Boilie. Patrick placed his rigs on sandy gravel ground. At that he used Fluorocarbon Combi-Links. He fed just 4-5 hands full of Boilies completely instantly and a few 15mm IB Carptrack Amino Pellets. This was enough to catch this beauty within this short spell.

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Patrick Scupin

Rene Rex – IB Team Germany
During the Pentecost the temperature in Cologne climbed up to 30°C and actually it was too hot to catch successfully and many carp. Rene Rex expected the carp to be spawning and to be too idly to eat. But Rene was willing to give it a whirl at a well-known water-body. As he already presumed the carp were not easy to catch. Nevertheless he was able to catch 6 carp until 19kg, 2 carp bream and 2 catfishes of 1m and 1.20m. Therefore he used IB Carptrack Fish Boilies that he pimped additionally with Carptrack inL. The hook baits were proposed with a 16mm pink or yellow V-Pop in snowman style.

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Rene Rex

Stefan Uhrig – IB Team Germany
During a weekend session this combative colossus swam right into Stefan Uhrigs carp trap. He was fishing an enchanted natural lake in Worms. The conditions were hard, permanent weather and temperature changes. But by the end Stefan was the winner and withdrew the animal of the water during the second night. He trusted the new IB Carptrack “Carp Total!” Boilies.

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Stefan Uhrig

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