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12 hours driving, for 3 days fishing! – from Elena Antoniucci

12 hours driving, for 3 days fishing! – from Elena Antoniucci


12 hours driving, for 3 days fishing!
from Elena Antoniucci

Driving 12 hours for a 3 days trip is crazy! I like to call it a great adventure where the passion and the desire to fish pushes you beyond the limits of physical exhaustion and brings you everytime to explore reality news. In this case, our goal is one of the most renowned waters of Europe for the amount of big carp and beautiful landscape that you can enjoy.

Ready to start! The iBox filled with IMPERIAL BAITS!

So without realizing it one morning in the summer I’m on a pier of Lake Bled to observe a carp that swims arround. The decision was clear and I fed this spot near the pier throughout the day. The Carptrack Monster-Liver Boilies went to the bottom on two steps in 6 and 10 meters depth. Before I fed them I added Carptrack Liquid, Liquid Amino, NHDC and Frankfurter Saussage Flavour to make them even more attractive!

CT Liquid & Powder – the special PIMP!

A Monster-Liver Flying Hookbait was on the hook, CRU Centurion 2000 and I decide to pop it up to 5 cm over the bottom. The second trap was composed with a 20mm Pop Up of Cartrack „Carp Total!“ as always mounted on the hook CRU Centurion 2000.

„Carp Total!“ Flying Hookbait, CRU Centurion 2000 & CRU Smooth Braid

Monster-Liver Flying Hookbait

I trust on it 🙂

To precise the fishing style I also used PVA bags filled with pellets and boilies. The day was quiet and the carp do not want to take the bait. So waiting for a bite in the evening but nothing happend… For the second day we decided to move to an area with many fallen trees in the water where you can already see the carp very early in the morning.

We saw also a beatiful Koi carp!

The history repeats itself as the first day, the carp are there and you can see but they are not interested in the food! In the meantime Alessandro makes a tour of the lake trying to find any signs of carp feeding stage and comes back with good news: the hotel zone has noticed many jumps and he talked to a Slovenian guy who caught 2 nice carp. At 23 o’clock we return to the Camping and prepared the carpfood for the last day!

Here comes our third and final day of fishing and we can not afford to make mistakes. I decided to fish about 30 yards from the shore on a rocky bottom that goes down to 10 meters deep. I baited with boilies pimped with additives like Carptrack Liquid and Powder and use the same to create pva bags that will end up near my traps!

The morning passes quiet and in the early afternoon we noticed many carp signs on our spots! The night comes and we hoped for a take! The time of our short session was running to the end. But we don’t lose our hope and finally the baitrunner starts a crazy run and I grab my Imperial Legend Carp 3lb and fought against a beautiful mirror that cannot resist the attraction of the „Carp Total!“ Flying Hookbait.


A few minutes later Alessandro caught a beautiful carp too but a little bit smaller than mine 🙂 hehe! Incredible! We waited three days and the last 10 minutes of fishing we were able to capture two beautiful fish 18 and 20 kg, we returned to Italy really happy and thanks to Imperial Baits we got our success!

Elena Antoniucci
Imperial Baits Ladies Team Italy

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