Surprise from the weedy gravel pit – from Nejc Prša

Surprise from the weedy gravel pit
from Nejc Prša

Because of my schoolwork and other duties I haven’t got that much time for fishing as I wanted, so at the beginning of july 2014 I grabbed my first choice to spend some hours doing what I love, carping of course! I decided to visit the water that was attractive to me since the very first time I saw it. I am talking about the old, weedy gravel pit situated in the middle of the forest not far from my home. This water really is an amazing place to be and fish.

When you sit there and watch that idyllic venue you got the feeling like you are sitting somewhere faaaaaar away from this world. The nature is untouched there and so I suspected about the carps! And I wasn’t wrong!

Because I fish on the waters so many times I knew that Imperial Baits Worm Up Boilies will be the right choice for the job and my thoughts were confirmed!

Even though I put a lot effort to catch a big one from this mystic water, one day I finally managed to bag him! Imperial did ti again!

Otherwise, I fish with Imperial Baits products for two years now and I need to say I am impressed!

I caught a lot of big carps from different venues in Hungary, Austria and Croatia, with Imperial Baits but mainly I fish for the big old and dark warriors from wild gravel pits in Slovenia. 🙂

See you on the banks!
Nejc Prša

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