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Big One in the Caribbean – from Zsolt Bundik

Big One in the Caribbean – from Zsolt Bundik


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Big One in the Caribbean – from Zsolt Bundik

Dear iBlog reader,

In early May I was fishing on a 450 hectares gravel pit lake. Lots of catfish live in the water so I took with myself Scopana.Love boilies. Of course Monster-Liver and Elite couldn’t stay at home.

The cats weren’t active yet so I could use the Elite boilie too! During the fishing trip the weather was nice and it was 26 to 28 degrees. The water was warming quickly and carp came out near the shore. So I decided, that I fished the edges, where It was 5-7 meters deep. I used bigger boilie 26-30 mm and i fed only some of them. It is enough to feed the good hot spots only with 10 boilies.

The two boilie varieties worked well during the fishing session. I could catch nice carps from 13 to 16. On top of the cake there was a 25,20 kg mirror carp that I caught with 28 mm Elite boilies. I made many videos, but on the fourth day the drone dropped into the water so lots of recordings are lost. I will buy a new drone and a new camera and I will go back to finish the movie. What I made with the other camera I’m going to present you as soon as possible !

Kind Regards
Bundik Zsolt

A 50 hectares gravel pit lake was my home for the next days

I installed my gear on an island

The first morning with a beautiful sun rising

They are still mining on this lake

My camp on the middle of the mine

The iBoat 260 was ready to start

Long lifetime and reliable batteries are important for large lakes

There are many flat areas under the water surface…

Ist hard to find the hump where the fish are eating!

A selfi near the excavator

The first run

The fight started !

And I could win it…! YES!!!

The result was a tubby mirror carp

One photo and gone back into his element

Sunset at the lake

Second run

And again in action !

I had to fight with the fish and the ship too

Finally I could get him free

… and the fight continued !

I could win again – yeeeah !!!

He was posing in front of the camera

I was fishing only big boilies with 3-4 centimeters far from the hook

I was fishing with IB Elite-and …

Scopana.Love boilie

Thanks to the good baits I could get into a fight again

He quickly recovered from the ship

A nice mining carp

Which was glamorous in beautiful colours

I was looking more place in the lake

Looking for fishing grounds

A good place to fish !

I could hold a carp again in my hands

Back to the camp in the shadow of the excavator

Then I took some photos with the carp

The ships surroundings proved to be a good place

Big boilie with small 4 mm amino pellets in PVA mesh

I don’t have to wait a long time for carp rush

Realy fat carp

I took a selfy with carp

Day later there was a surprise

After about 40 minutes of fighting he showed himself for a first time

In my hand I had one of the biggest carp from this lake

I was very very happy, guess you can imagin !

25,20 kg – YES !!!

The last photo and than go back into the lake

Thanks to IB Elite and Scopana.Love boilies for many fish

The fish were well nourished

Beautiful and healthy

Nice lake and environment

Mirror carp in the morning

In front of the storm

Thanks also to Rebelcell for the power !

Thanks Imperial Baits for the wonderful baits!

Tight lines!
Zsolt Bundik
Team Imperial Fishing Hungary

…feel good!

David Cumani, Fabrizio Paltrinieri und Grazia D’amelio Michael Paradiso.

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