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IB Carptrack “Worm Up” Range

IB Carptrack “Worm Up” Range


Boilies – Mix – 2 Flavour – Dip & Gel – Flying Hookbaits – Half’n Halfs

Imperial Baits has taken a new path at the bait development
At the development of this “Worm Up” Mix, Imperial Baits did apply the first time the method of “crowd sourcing”. More than 11 month last this phase when the public did take part in an intense way.

Please find the complete history on www.my-boilie.com.

The carphunters which are active in the internet did use the chance to serve their personal ideas about ingredients and recommended recopies to have a maximal portfolio for the new “Worm Up” Boilie.

It was a long way of development of this new bait which was shown in many live reports almost 12 month on  www.my-boilie.com. Tests, captures and feedbacks of more than 100 test colis have been reported.

228 different ingredients have been mentioned through to the crowd-sourcing.
You will find the following 13 special Ingredients in the final „Worm Up“ Boilie – selected by IB
• Carptrack inP • Liquid Amino • „Worm Up“ Flavour • Oriental Spice E. Oil
• Protein- & Squid-Liver Concentrate • Cayenne Pepper • Roasted Hemp
• Marine Shrimps • Egg- & Lactalbumin • Linseed Crush • Fly Larvae (Hermetia)

„Worm Up!“
The mixture is exceptionally: Imperial Baits did use as first boilieproducer on the market special and high attractive fly-larvae (Hermetia)! One of the most concentrated Omega 3 fat acids are delivered by the included crushed lineseed – very tasteful. Fresh marine shrimps cause a very special and light salty taste to the mix. The common share of cayenne pepper ensures a hot spicy note! Rosted hemp crushed provides an important protein/fat source. Last but not least Lactalbumin and egg albumin ensures a hard boilie despite short cooking! The very natural „Worm Up“ Flavour and the powerful essential oil oriental spice support the mix ingredients at its best way!
Already a short time cooking with the useful help of BPS will produce hard boilies and protects all flavours.
Moreover, it is not surprising that the appropriate amino gel and amino dip are full with little protein and protein-containing insects and pieces.

Not to forget to tell you about the special fiery, hot and spicy note!

The complete „Worm Up” range is available at your retailer dealing with Imperial Baits!
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