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NEW IB LADY: Viola Lehr – from Switzerland

NEW IB LADY: Viola Lehr – from Switzerland


NEW IB LADY: Viola Lehr

Approachable, straight, humorous, creative, focussed, vivacious and caring, those are the hereditary originalities that describe me the best. My name is Viola, I am 25 years old, native of Switzerland and I am fishing for carp. Many people are stunned when they hear about my hobby and ask:

Why are YOU fishing?
Fact is, there are no other hobby fishers in my family and I do not only like fishing because my boyfriend is carp fisher and the maximal rod amount can be doubled! I am convinced through and through of this passion, just as many others out there, who pursue this hobby excessively.

IMG_4781 wide

I love to be in accordance with nature, the water, the element that always refers to this one thing: nativeness
Here I feel footloose and ingenuous. I enjoy unforgettable moments to the fullest that would stay undiscovered in this dull routine. In this moment I want to thank all those who, already a few years ago, have started to spend the first hours at the water with me. There this love arose, a kind of vigorous devotion to fishing. This was my character, everything else would only be a formality.

DSC_2990 c

Now there is no holding me back!
After each season I take the time to glance a last time on the water-body, to internalize the location und to catch a breath one more time. Those are the minutes of timelessness before I hit the road. It would be wrong to say I would go home… don´t you say home is the place where you feel at ease? For my share it is a journey to daily life, reality and habitudes, maybe also a bit of simple security.


All this adventures and experiences floating around in my head, with every kilometre that passes by I simmer with excitement to the moment I will come back. Maybe not to the same river, maybe not even to the same country. It does not matter, where my way will lead me to, when I will find a bit of time and what will happen during this trip. For the one carp fishing is a hobby to compensate daily life, for others it is an attitude to life, for me it is the combination of both of them, a great dream, that is worth to live it again and again!

Vividly, individually and expressively I want to enrich the whole Imperial Baits Team with my creativity.
I look forward to the common time….

Viola Lehr









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