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Amazing Photostory – from Zsolt Bundik

Amazing Photostory – from Zsolt Bundik


Fishing in Háromfa

I spent four days at the waterfront. The lake, an area of 80 hectares and which is 80 percent covered by vegetation. There are many dwarf races in the lake and that need to be slightly varied. I´ve fed with IB Carptrack Monster-Liver and IB Carptrack Elite Boilie, but I placed on the hook IB Uncle Bait Boile and after that I put it in gels IB Carptrack Amino Gel Elite-Strawberry and Banana. Using this, the bait was not chewed by the dwarfs. Unfortunately, when I was on the waterfront, I was a kangaroo, so the carps did not eat in this time. Despite the arduous circumstances I managed to catch some beautiful copies.

It was a tough fight

The lake is located in beautiful surroundings

I had to put the rods up high so that the rope would meet the smallest part with the plants

I was fed with Monster-Liver and Elite Boilie, but I placed on the hook Uncle Bait Boile

Uncle Baits boilie with Elite-Srawberry and Banana Amino Gel

I put in a small pva bag  with some eye-boilies and tigernut and hooked to the hook

So I can protect the dwarf catfish attacks

I was fishing in the holes between the vegetation 9Then I fed a few eyeballs in a larger area 10 Carprun

The fight has begun

Finally I won

The result is a dark carp

Fishing with lots of bushes made it difficult

I have suffered with many plants

Beautiful environment, silence and tranquility is my world

Fortunately, the good boilie liked the fish

Not a simple lake

Fighting with fish was not easy, many plants helped the fish 20 I had to go through many obstacles until I got to the fish

But it was worth fighting

From the top looking at the camp

Many different birds live around the water

Many little dwarfs live in the water, but good tactics kept them away

again drill

It was a great experience to fight fish in these circumstances

The last moments of the fight

Because of the plants it is difficult to put fish on the landing net

She’s mine already

This lake is called green hell

A long-body carp also honored me

Beautiful and healthy fish live in the pond

The tour is over, but I’ll be back next year!

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And last but not least, the amazing video of Zsolt from his extreme session at the Lac du Salagou…

…this does not require any words!!!

Kind regards

Zsolt Bundik
Team Imperial-Fishing Hungary

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