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Voting Status 31.01.2014 – to be continued…

Voting Status 31.01.2014 – to be continued…



Today is friday and we present you again the current status of the first 30 rankings.
You can see exactly what happened in only one week. A lot of places changed and some of the guys made a very good marketing campagne for themselves in facebook and other websites. We have also one guy who makes advertising in the radio to get more votes…!
The race is hot! Let’s have a look next wednesday on the new status.
Thank you so much for such a high voting activity!
We are very curious what will happen during the next week.

We wish all participants and voters good luck!
max nollert & Team

For the first three we added the text, see all other textes on the VOTING page here:

1. Joscha – before 1
this is my big picture. it was taken some days after my grandfather´s funeral . 24 years ago my grandfather show me how to fish. i loved it so much to go out in the nature, that every year fishing becomes more attention. before he died he said that he is not happy about showing me how to fish because the lot attention i gave is to much and there is not many time for other things. but i thing now he is watching me from heaven and he see how much this passion gives me. this moment on the picture on exactly the same lake were i learned how to fish is one of many moments in the nature wich makes me happy. one word to explain this picture and our passion is FREEDOM

2. Lukasz Lechowski – beforer 4
„My Best Moment“
Hello. My name is Lukasz and I’m from Poland. I want to show and write my best moment in my life. This happened in this year. I was with my girlfriend Monika on a big lake. We trought to catch a big Carp, but wheather was very variable and we didn’t catch anything. At the moment You ask me: „Why this moment was the best“? Answer is very simple, because I ask my Girfriend: „Will You marry me?“, and she said: „YES“. ONE PASSION, ONE LOVE!
Good luck for All in Your Carp life!

3. Chris Price – before 6
Walking home from a quick after work session on my local river i could see this gorgeous sunset! so stuck the camera on to self timer placed it onto the floor and captured this cool shot!

4. Sven Krüger – before 5

5. Björn Bleiss – before 3

6. Wolfgang Lukas – before 2

7. Viola Lehr – before 9

8. Marcello Ferri – before 7

9. Ute Schneider – before 14

10. Andrea Cucconi – before 8

11. Andreas Scherf – before 12

12. Daniel Bethke – before 18

13. Fabrizio Fregni – before 10

14. Florian Läufer – before 11

15. Sandra Dimic – before 21

16. Brad Smudzinski – before 27

17. Felix Kaczmarek – before 13

18. Lutz Gansel – before 15

19. Wolfgang Duelli – before 16

20. Alan Kosa – before 17

21. Maik Tolksdorf – before 22

22. Monica Lucchi – before 25

23. Dennis Lonzer – before 19

24. Udo Schneider – before 23

25. Monica Pinkas – before 24

26. Kay Synwoldt – before 29

27. Jörg Miadowitz – before 30

28. Jan Saßninck – before 28

29. Benjamin Schödel – before 20

30. Manuel Reis – before 26

Still some days left to vote the best pictures of the IB “BIG Picture Contest”!
END OF THE VOTING 10.02.2014

It is also still the big chance to get the VOTER price worth of 1900,00 €!


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