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Imperial Fishing Catalogue 2013

Imperial Fishing Catalogue 2013


Imperial Fishing promises meanwhile for 10 years quality at the highest stage in the carp fishing sector.
The highly attractive boilies and additives made splash during the last years. Scores of record carp of more than 30 kg and even up to over 40 kg could not resist them!

Imperial Fishing upgrades its carp accessories every year and releases innovative and mould-breaking products. As actually a carp rod with two different tips for changing the rod power! The „Temptation Twin Tip“ is on everybody’s lips and can be ordered now! In the inflatable boat sector Imperial Fishing won fame for the iboats, that were especially developed for carp fishing.

Quality and functionality are always top priority – of course!
But also in the bait sector there was and there is advancement, and so Imperial Baits released recently the fabulous „Worm Up“ Boilierange. And Max Nollert the owner of the company Imperial Fishing/ Imperial Baits brings out the extraordinary top-bait under the promising name Uncle Bait “The Boilie“.
„CATCH FISH LIKE CRAZY!“ is printed on the appealing layout of our 1 and 5 kg bait bags and also this time the boilies keep what they promise, says Max Nollert full of conviction!

On 76 descriptive pages Imperial Fishing presents its complete range of chosen products, on which you can count during the hunt for carp!

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