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Temptation Rods – a question of blanks

Temptation Rods – a question of blanks


Who don`t care, will not have what you want!

Examples of this are sufficient on the market. In recent years, we have created a seal of approval for our brand and very many customers connect IB / IF with high quality! The products themselves have advertised for themselves!
Independence from another name in the blank sector gives us great opportunities and protects us from situations like we once had in the UK.

„Not straight is English and English is modern“

This speech knows only half of the older people. The younger participants do not even know them anymore. The origin of this expression lies in the worn-out basque cap of the British soldiers. And so it was unfortunately also with the last productions of rods, which I had produced in England about a decade ago and since then no longer count on the country but the production itself! The very successful “Temptation Rod” series, by the way, has never been produced in the UK.

Some may still recall our delays of the Longrange rods many years ago. This was simply due to the fact that I had to return the bulk of the deliveries from the UK. For days I had checked the rods. Whoever has done this before, knows what I am talking about. Whatever or what so ever! Usually one of the following problems appeared: blanks not straight, bubbles in the varnishes, stip-slip effect on the guides etc … But this is history!

The thing is that it is not important WHERE something is built as we see on the above mentioned problems!
And I will explain this in the following:
The construction of „max nollert“ blanks and rods is accompanied by myself! At first, I was looking for the company able to produce the high quality that fits to my interest (demand) and the interest of my customers.

There are countries in the world, where a very high fundamental quality consciousness is given quite naturally and which have been concerned with rod construction for hundreds of years. Nevertheless, we have to say that the quality that is already in the procurement / production of a product (no matter where it takes place in the world) always depends on what the initiator / customer wants! We put a lot of effort into the necessary product planning, manufacturer search, product management, control of the work and corresponding correspondence.

It is also a not insignificant risk to invest a relatively large amount of money into new products which are based on our experience and conviction – not on common products of others!
Many years ago I visited our current production and was quickly convinced that this is the right place to build my Temptation rods. The final control by the builders of each individual rod is important to me – “safety first” as the Englishman would say!

If I make the „on-site check“ and set my quality requirements as top premises, I am able to build my blanks in many rod productions all over the world, just as with all other products from our Imperial Fishing portfolio! It is always the steps described above that determine the quality and success of a product.

Eugenio, our Italian wholesaler, recently put it this way to his customers:
I say to the customer: „Max has in various years, after bad experience also with British producers, a rod builder who is able to produce exactly the blanks and rods with all characteristics and without compromise, as Max it wants!
The result is the Temptations in the most diverse versions, adapted to the most diverse applications.

Good carping & feel the fish!
Max nollert
To be continued …


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