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ACHTUNG: 10% Rabatt Aktion verlängert + BIG Photostory: Lifestyle Carpfishing!

ACHTUNG: 10% Rabatt Aktion verlängert + BIG Photostory: Lifestyle Carpfishing!


wir verlängern die „10% Rabatt auf ALLES!“ Aktion bis zum kommenden Mittwoch 04.10.2017


Hi iBlog followers,

autumn is knocking on the door and it´s time to make a summer-rewiew of 2017. You can find some nice photos and text bellow. I hope you will find motivation to give your best for your upcoming sessions. Be different, be special, be uniqe and everytime one step ahead!

Get the big one out!

Enough of words… have fun with the following Photostory

  1. My summer starts great. I was fished 2 nights at the end of June and I managed to caught a few beauties. One of them is here on this picture. Look at that one. Small beautiful baby.
  2. Bigger friend of the carp from previous picture. This one was first real test for my new Temptation MK III. The Rod did an excellent job in that fight!
  3. The other side…also really nice.
  4. Look at the size of this mouth!!! 30mm is no problem for this one!
  5. Nice tail-colors!
  6. The strongest weapon of this carp!
  7. Lay down in the grass and felt safe for real!
  8. Leave me alone you idiot! It is so hot outside, situation is better here below your car! 😀 😀 😀
  9. My choice of carp food. IB Carptrack Range!
  10. One of my favourite carps I ever caught. 95 cm of pure beauty.
  11. Look at this feathers! Really big!
  12. Strong fish! Total Carp!
  13. Wooooow! This is meaning of my carping. Not 20,30,40+ kilos carps. Beauties like this one are my love.
  14. My dog, Grof, was also amazed from this animal. My cradle is 115 cm…
  15. After fishing, I always clean and prepare my goods for next session.
  16. July was new chance to get out some river carps. We set our camp right in the submerged bay. First night strong rain raised the water level on maximum, but in the next days thr weather was better for us, not for carps.
  17. Beautiful sight!
  18. Peace and serenity on riverside!
  19. My tool is always ready for action. Bottom of the river here is also full of sharp stones, so I used 0.70mm ShockIt.
  20. This is memory of my firs river Lika carp. I caught it in May 2017 after 4 nights of fishing. This is my firsh fish with Visible Touch Snaggy Water! Nice big mirror.
  21. Middle of June was chance to search potential good places on Sava river. Sava is longest river in Croatia and hiding really big fishes. Grasscarps over 30 kilos, cats bigger than 200 cm are reality of this river. Problem for fishing are 15,20,25 cm water level rising and falling almost every hour. Also big problem is a lot of breams and another smaller fishes. I caught just one carp on Sava river last year, after 5 days of preparation my spot and feeding.
  22. I found some good crossing between still part of the river and stream. That could be potential good spots for Autumn. I will try!
  23. Next week I fished 3 nights between my job. My company was my 2 brothers and our dog.
  24. Rod is placed on the hot-spot!
  25. My little brother and his first carp! He was really happy in that moment.
  26. My brothers with a beauty mirror. That night was night for small catches.
  27. Last morning shot. Just few seconds after…
  28. This common take my bait. My brother made this nice reed picture!
  29. Powerful fish! Another 10+ from this lake for me. There are just a few bigger carps inside.
  30. Then we traveled in Dalmatian hinterland. That is the homeland of my father in law and we visited this part of country every summer. First morning we have lovely moments with Grof.
  31. .. could it be better? I dont think so.. 😛
  32. Rumpsteak rules!
  33. Just like that! This is a happy meal for me! 😀
  34. Big water challenge. I tried to catch carp at confluence of river and lake. I had some cloudy days there.
  35. When you fish big lakes and night sessions, the Visible Touch is the best what you can spool on your reels.
  36. This was magical shot. That night wind (caller Bura – strongerst wind here) was so strong.
  37. In the middle of the night I had to put my rods closer to water. Wind was really wild.
  38. Dinara mountain. 3 years for now, I tried to catch carp here. But I didn´t have success. Now it is more than fishing, it is personal revenge!
  39. She is special. She helped me a lot with my trips and carps. She is everything what a fisherman need.
  40. We had funny moments with mr. Grof. He became french pitbull almost haha 😀
  41. At the end of the summer, I visit new lake in Slavonia (east of Croatia). I had 2 good nights there and I caught 2 nice carps.
  42. First one was mirror of almost 15 kg. Nice fish, but not as carps from wildness.
  43. Common fish from that lake gave me a strong fight and raised adrenaline in my blood.
  44. Last week I visited Lika again. On the pic you can see how my car is full of goods. There I have some nice wild animals on my rod but I loos them. Reason is drill from shore. It can be really better form boat but my small car cant receive my iBoat 320 narrow. Now Max sent to me an iBoat 160 and things will be more easier now.
  45. Snowman presentation of V-Pop pink and yellow give me the best results.
  46. IB range. Best for me!
  47. Morning on the river. For me, Autumn morning is the best.
  48. Nice wild carp from Lika river.
  49. Bigger one!
  50. Long and strong black beast was the best prize for me. This is meaning of everything!
  51. Now I want to say thanks to everybody who helps me to live this passion. Thank you Max and whole IB-Team! Thank you Jelena and my family. I choose to be the best in what I do.

What are YOU waiting for?

Tight Lines!

Luka Vukas
Team Imperial-Fishing Croatia


IB Summer Holiday Picture Contest – The Voting

That’s what it’s all about: In the summer before the holiday season we called for the best summer picture with our DIN A3 IF catalogue. Who in your opinion has implemented this the most beautifully or the most spectacularly?

Die Aufgabe: Im Sommer vor der Urlaubszeit riefen wir dazu auf, unseren DINA 3 IF Katalog im Urlaub in Szene zu setzen. Wer hat dies Eurer Meinung nach am schönsten bzw. spektakulärsten umgesetzt?

Vote & win – click here!

Vote the stars for your favourite pictures and win an IB Baitpackage + the IB Team Watch in a total value of over 400,00 Euros! At the end of the voting, on the 09.10.2017 8:00 o’clock, we give away one time this prize to one of the voters! Don’t forget to press the orange button at the end of the Voting and you will have all chances!

Vergebe Sterne für Deine favourisierten Bilder und gewinne ein IB Baitpaket + die IB Team Watch in einem Gesamtwert von über 400,00 Euro! Am Ende des Votings, am 09.10.17 um 8:00 Uhr, verlosen wir unter allen Votern ein mal diesen Gewinn! Vergesse nicht den orangenen Button am Ende des Votings zu drücken, damit hast Du alle Chancen!


The big award / Der große Hauptpreis

The picture with the most stars will finally win an iBoat 260 + IB Baitpackage with the brand new Scopana Love Boilies in a total value of over 1.000,00 Euros!

Das Bild mit den meisten Sternen gewinnt am Ende ein iBoat 260 + IB Baitpaket mit den brand neuen Scopana Love Boilies im Gesamtwert von über 1.000,00 Euro!

The Voting ends on the 09.10.2017 8:00 o’clock. Good luck to all participants!

Wir wünschen ein erfolgreiches langes Wochenende!

max nollert & Team

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