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The new IF-POWER Jubilee Shirt – available now!

The jubilee special for YOU in Germany, Austria and France: (Please look at the distributors offer in your country) – 19,90 € – regular price – just 9,90 € – optionally at each exposition offer – GRATIS – at all orders of more than 200€ Go to the online expo offers: https://www.imperial-fishing.com/index.php?page=categorie&cat=277 or directly to […]

IB celebrates ist 10th jubilee

2014 is a particular year for us What started in 2003 with the opening of the website www.carp-gps.de by Max Nollert, was strenghtened in 2004 by the establishment of the company Imperial Baits. 10 years of quality on ist highest level concerning our products, our delivery capacity and our service – IB / IF has […]